Tips for Business Takeoff

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The shift from an employee within a structured corporation to becoming your own leader is challenging, exciting, but nevertheless challenging. Every entrepreneur agrees that the self-fulfilment feelings are unique, and one is motivated to aim high and work towards their goal. At this point, many changes occur at once. You become your own boss and are all of a sudden responsible to not just your work but also to the administration of your business.


Many entrepreneurs attribute their motivation to succeed and their willingness to achieve their dreams as key factors for success. Motivation drives the entrepreneurial spirit from within and helps transforming an employee into the business’ leader.

The administrative aspect of running a business can be demanding especially to those who are new to the business world. So, what are the tips shared by many entrepreneurs to keep them motivated, dedicated and allocate the time required for their business to take off?


1.  Transform your idea from scrambled notes to a mission statement

Many great ideas have found themselves scribbled by entrepreneurs on napkins, pieces of paper and where not. Now it is the right time to think these ideas through and transform them into your mission statement. As an entrepreneur, you must know where you are, where your business wants to arrive and most importantly how to arrive there.


There is no better time than now to go to the drawing board and formulate a mission statement. Don’t make the mistake to look at the mission statement as one of the many marketing activities that you will be doing. A strong and strategic mission statement is short and straight to the point.


2. Plan ahead

On its own, a mission statement is just your dream thought over countless times and given an identity. Don’t stop there. Similar to a road trip, you must plan the route ahead you start operating.


Have clear and reachable goals is the first step in creating your own business plan.


3. Self-discipline and self-care

So far, you know what you want to do and how you want to do it. You must push yourself to realise your dreams. Acknowledge that the road is not always plain sailing and that business success won’t come without hard work. This time make a plan to yourself and push yourself to stick with your plan day in and day out.


This doesn’t mean that you have to alienate yourself from the rest of the world. Push yourself even harder to take care of your body, your diet and your workout routine. A healthy body helps a healthy mind stay more focused.


4. Acknowledge your limitations

Never set goals which are not challenging. The opposite also applies. Never set goals which are unreachable. Failing to reach your own goals is demotivating. Make sure that you understand your limitations and take them into consideration when setting your goals.


5. Indulge yourself

Many psychological studies prove that reward mechanism works. Hence, the numerous bonuses in place in traditional workplaces. Make sure to indulge yourself in satisfying ways which won’t break the bank when you reach your goals. This will make you work harder towards your next goal. Keep pushing, you will succeed.


6. Stay positive.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give time for your business to grow. Don’t give up on your dreams on the first bump that hits the road. Keep persevering. Think positively! A failure is not a failure if you learn what you did wrong and ways to improve the next time.


7. Stay organised

Don’t get lost in the many different tasks ahead of you. Make sure that the systems you get are designed in a simple manner and are appropriate for your level of business. A system which is over complex to use is counterproductive in many ways.


8. Keep changing

In business and in the life, the only constant thing is change. Change happens around us all the time. Stay alert and keep learning new and improved ways to operate your business.