The Accounting Blockchain — the future of accounting at your fingertips

10s of trillions of business to business accounting transactions must be recorded every year. Now double this!

Why you might ask?

The answer to this is very simple! Every transaction must be recorded by the sending and the receiving party independently of each other!

The cost of this?

Billions of dollars are spent each and every year because there is no trusted common ground to connect businesses along the supply chain. The Accounting Blockchain will allow the integration of triple entry and smart contracts tailor made to fit the current market of accounting software packages.

The development of The Accounting Blockchain revolutionizes both the way companies invoice each other and the way payments are done along the supply chain all the way to the end consumer.

The cost of AB Tokens would be just a fraction of the savings companies will start enjoying immediately!

Click on the below video and link to find out more the developments being done by The Accounting Blockchain!