Accounting Blockchain Presents Its Long Term Plans to Minister Silvio Schembri

The Accounting Blockchain presented its long-term global vision of how Blockchain technology can disrupt the way businesses is being done today to Malta’s Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Hon. Silvio Schembri as well as the journey taken so far by Accounting Blockchain.

“We are pleased to have launched our ICO from Malta and to have a supportive government with a vision for Blockchain tech firms and ready to listen and collaborate,” said Nathaniel Borg, Accounting Blockchain co-founder and CEO when expressing the gratitude towards the Maltese government and pro-active approach taken by the government in establishing a safer regulated environment in which Blockchain technology can prosper.

“Launching our Blockchain solutions from Malta provides us with a competitive advantage and with plenty of opportunities due to the vast number of Blockchain tech companies and exchanges such as Binance and Okex which are establishing their base in Malta,” Daniel Cutajar, Accounting Blockchain co-founder and COO.

Today’s meeting comes a few days before the crowdfunding tokens available at 50% bonus ends and management are announcing that talks with reputable crypto exchanges are on their way to have TAB token listed on a number of different exchanges.

A number of solutions will be delivered in due course as per the established roadmap, the first being AB Fingertips Suite, which is an accounting software capable of recording transactions on the blockchain, creating a secure and immutable environment for all businesses, irrelevant of their size or location.